Return to Fun Flying (aka “The Rusty Pilot”)


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Four Week Class, meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Has it been a few years since you logged your last takeoff & landing in a small place, or flown into a busy uncontrolled airport on a Saturday morning? Do the following changes in the past few decades sound like alphabet soup: ADS-B, EFBs, 406 ELTs, eAPIS, GPS, WAAS, TFRs, VFR Waypoints, “Line up & Wait”, Sport Pilot, Pilot’s Bill of Rights, Basic med, Foreflight, FlightAware . . . We’ll bring you up-to-date with King Schools videos and live discussion about real life experiences to get you ready for a current FAA Flight Review. Aircraft flight time and CFI for a Flight Review are extra.    


Meet Your Instructor!

Dave Elliott has been actively flying since 1975 and has been the Airport Manager of Meadow Lake Airport since 2008

He received his “Wings of Gold” as a Coast Guard Aviator after training in the T-34B, T-28B/C and TS-2. Follow-on assignments included flying the HU-16E “Albatross”, HC-131A “Samaritan”, and HU-25A/B Falcon “Guardian”. During an assignment with NORAD, Dave discovered the joys of General Aviation while flying skydivers and purchased his first light airplane, a Piper “Apache”.

After retiring in 1994, he taught as a Flight Instructor at the USAFA Aero Club and then began flying corporate jets (Falcon 20, 50, 900EX, Mitsubishi Diamond, and the Beechjet 400). 9/11 brought many changes to the industry and in 2002 Dave began his third aviation career as an airline pilot flying the Airbus for Frontier Airlines, retiring for the second time in 2015. 

In addition to managing Meadow Lake, his retirement plans include restoring classic aircraft (including Fairchild 24 and Alexander Eaglerock) and sharing his love of aviation. To date, Dave has accumulated over 24,000 hours in 84 different aircraft and is a “Gold Seal” CFI with over 2,000 hours of “dual given”. He holds FAA certificates: ATP (AMEL), Comm (ASEL/S, SMES), CFI/II/MEL, AGI/IGI, A&P, UAS(s). 




Return to Fun Flying (aka “The Rusty Pilot”)
Course Schedule

Mondays and Wednesday Evenings 6pm-9pm

Class # Date Subject Materials  
1 Monday
Introductions, Course overview, IACRA, “Wings” Program
VFR Regulations Refresher
Pilot Medicals and Basic Medical Explained
“Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist”
2 Wednesday
The Complete Airspace Review
Airport Signs, Markings & Procedures
“Airspace & Communications – VFR Quick Guide”;
AC 90-66 – “Non-Towered Airport Flight Operations”
3 Monday
Airplane Navigation From A to Z
4 Wednesday
VFR Cross-Country Flying
EFB (ForeFlight) Demo
5 Monday
Pilot Communications
Night Flying
6 Wednesday
Aviation Weather Wise
METAR / TAF Made Easy
“Key to TAF and METAR”;
“VFR Guide”
7 Monday
Surviving Aircraft Systems Emergencies
Surviving Your Most  Feared Flying Emergencies
8 Wednesday
Practical Risk management for Takeoffs & Landings
Practical Risk management for Pilots
 “Personal Minimums Checklist”;
“Use CARE in the Air”