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Certificates, Ratings and Courses

At Springs Aviation, the sky won’t limit us; we can help achieve all single-engine airplane land aviation goals you might have. From Private Pilot Certificates to Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument Ratings and every step between. As a Part 61 flight school operation, we build the flight plans that work best for you.

Private Pilot

Learning to fly remains one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences one can have. We're here to guide you safely and give you the tools and skills you need.

Instrument Rating

Better your piloting skills and learn to aviate, navigate and communicate without looking outside. Fly through the clouds and beyond.


Learn the ins and outs (and many rules) of flying for hire. Our team of professionals will help you become one.


Teach others how to fly. Our instructors can teach you how to teach and prepare you to teach on the ground and in the air.

Mountain Flying

Flight over high-altitude terrain presents a number of unique challenges. Learn to fly among the Rockies in our specialty mountain flying course.

HP & Complex Endorsements

Earn your high-performance and complex endorsements and fly planes with more than 200hp and retractable gear. We'll teach in your plane!

Helicopter Training

Earn your helicopter category add-on ratings in our Robinson R-22—or earn your PPL-H, commercial rotorcraft and more!

Discover the art of flight.

Book a discovery flight today and begin your flying journey.

Special Offers


Mountain Flying Course

Learn to fly—and land—safely in the mountains.
A two hour ground school and five hour flight course devoted to understanding the unique challenges you'll face flying high in the Rockies. One-on-one instruction.
$1299varies with flight time
Head for the Hills

Ground School

Private Pilot Ground School.
A twice-weekly, 12-class course to sharpen your skills on the ground. Prepare to pass the FAA Private Airplane written and learn what it'll take to become a pilot. Discovery flight included!
$449 6 week class
Hit the Books

Need some training?
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Monday - Friday8 AM - 4 PMSaturday8 AM - 2 PM

Meadow Lake Airport

13775 Judge Orr RoadPeyton, CO80831
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