Jessica Meiris


Brief info

Jessica Meiris is a mountain guide turned professional helicopter pilot based in Colorado Springs. Her background in aviation includes involvement in several helicopter safety organizations, experience in high altitude and mountainous terrain, and operations in both busy airspace and remote environments. She brings a unique perspective having followed a non-traditional path through flight school and early time building, including operating a small business, and is committed to transforming the way we train pilots. With over 1300 hours of flight time, she is current in all models of Robinson helicopters, the AS350, and the MD500. Her ultimate goal is to combine flying skills with her mountain and rock-climbing knowledge to fly for short-haul rescue programs, assisting people in need in high angle terrain.
Jessica enjoys good wine, bad jokes, and the warmth of friends and family. She is also a public speaker, inspiring others with stories of perseverance and illustrating how vulnerability and human connection are essential to accomplishing big goals in life!
Find Jessica on LinkedIn and enjoy these two podcasts from Sporty's Pilot's Discretion and Push to Talk with Bruce Webb linked below.

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