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Aaron Lade


Brief info

Aaron has wanted to fly since kindergarten and can clearly remember the day he decided. He received his PPC in 1991 in the must-visit state of Nebraska. He says he was incredibly fortunate to have ROTC shovel him to the USAFA, where he flew gliders and aviated generally on the side (here at KFLY).

In the Air Force he says he was blessed to fly the F-16 – which he reminds us all is incredible – but always retained his love of general aviation.

Lately, he flies the Mighty 737 for United and loves helping new pilots.

Aaron can help any willing student achieve:
Private through CFII
Spin / Upset Recovery training
Aerobatic training
Tailwheel training / endorsement
Transition / new aircraft training

Aaron runs the infamous FIG Aviation website. (Though he’s most always just peachy, by “FIG” he means “Flying Is Great” and claims no affiliation with the fruit.)

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