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Simulator Training

Springs Aviation now offers a brand new simulator for on-the-ground pilot training. Our Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) is FAA approved, so some instruction given in the simulator may be logged toward certificates and ratings at a fraction of the cost of renting an airplane.  This provides pilots a highly valuable tool in obtaining their certificates more cost effectively.

The simulator also allows students an alternative when bad weather sets in—keep training toward a certificate even when it’s too rough to fly!

Hourly rate for dual training on the simulator is $65, plus the cost of the flight instructor.  After a thorough checkout with Springs Aviation instructors, pilots may use the simulator without a CFI present at CFI discretion.  The rate at that point will be $90/hour with the pilots are not with a Springs Aviation representative.

Connect your iPad to the simulator so ForeFlight can work in tandem with your training.  PilotEdge Live ATC is available by individual subscription for practicing ATC communications.  The simulator offers more than 40 aircraft configurations, including twins!  You can practice your single or multi-engine flows for thousands of dollars less when earning your commercial certificates.  It also provides great refresher training for the pilots who rarely fly twin engines after they earn their certificates.

The simulator is now available for scheduling!


Log Sim Time

Because our AATD is FAA-approved, you can log instruction toward various ratings and certificates. You can also re-up your instrument currency solo after a checkout—even on a snow day!

0 hours
toward a Private Certificate
0 hours
toward an Instrument Rating
0 hours
toward a Commercial Certificate

Multi-Engine Flows

AATD Simulators can get you ready for your multi-engine training, reinforcing important flows for safely flying light twins.

IPC & Currency

Legally re-up your IPC and/or instrument currency —all in our FAA-approved AATD. Reset to the top of each approach without having to fly back to it!

Discover the art of flight.

Book a discovery flight today and begin your flying journey.

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