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One Hour Discovery Flight

A one hour introduction to flying.

+$20 per additional passenger

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Private Pilot Ground School

Twice a week six week class.

In person with our own instructors.

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Mountain Flying Course

Ground and flight training.

A 5 hour tour of the Colorado Rockies.

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Aircraft Rental

For more information about our aircraft, visit our Fleet page.

Instructor/Pilot Rates

Due to rising and fluctuating fuel costs, we’ve added a fuel surcharge that will change with the price of fuel.  We’re hoping to eventually remove the charge all together if and when the fuel costs decrease.  The surcharge is based on average fuel consumption per hour per airplane and is currently at $1.00/hr./gal.

Average fuel burn per plane

N9550L – 6 gallons/hour.  N2830Q, N7548G – 7 gallons/hour.  N99243 – 8 gallons/hour.  N5155K, N62740, N9550G, N9895F, N6026S – 9 gallons/hour.  N1025V – 10 gallons/hour.  N95FC – 13 gallons/hour.

Basic Flight Instruction

Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot flight training. Per hour rate for instructors' time.
Private Training

Advanced Flight Instruction

Instrument Pilot flight training and Instructor Pilot flight training. Per hour rate for instructors' time.
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Shop Rates

Our inspection-authorized mechanics are some of the best in the world. Availability for work is limited due to our own training fleet.
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