Insurance Requirements

Springs Aviation requires various insurance coverages for renters and students alike.

While insurance costs continue to skyrocket across the aviation world and have quickly become the lament of many pilots, we’re committed to providing resources to help our students save costs.

To better understand how aviation renters’ insurance works, check out this Forbes Advisor guide written by Springs Aviation alumnus and instructor  Chauncey Crail.

What coverage do I need?

Pre-Solo Students

Pre-solo students, including those on discovery flights, do not need to carry aviation renters' insurance policies.

Solo Students

We require all students at solo stage carry sufficient hull coverage for the make and model aircraft. Some liability coverage is usually included with hull coverage.


Regular renters must carry sufficient hull coverage for the make and model aircraft rented. Liability coverage is your discretion.

Hull Coverage Requirements

Hull coverages vary by airplane due to the average cost for engine overhauls due to prop strikes. For those who only use the larger, more powerful or more advanced airplanes infrequently, we recommend checking out’s daily, weekly or monthly coverage terms as a means of affordable coverage for shorter-term-use.

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