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Instrument Rating

With an Instrument Rating a private or commercial pilot may operate under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).  In IFR training at Springs Aviation, pilots will learn to navigate and control an aircraft using only cockpit instruments. The addition of an instrument rating will improve flying skills and will add the flexibility of legally engaging in flights that may start or worsen into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) or low-visibility weather.

Before enrolling in training for this rating, we recommend that you have a total of 100 hours of pilot experience. This isn’t a requirement.

Instrument Rating Requirements

8080 hrs
PIC Time
8080 hrs
Actual or Simulated IMC Time
808080 mile
Instrument Cross-Country

Training Tips from the Pros

Don’t be like that guy who keeps setting up for a five mile final—there he is again! What are you DOING?!




Fifty of the 250 hours required for your commercial certificate can be flown in an AATD simulator, which is cheaper than an aircraft. Fly all of those hours before your instrument training and save yourself time and money.




Most people who’re afraid of heights aren’t actually afraid of heights—they have a fear of exposure. Being in an aircraft isn’t like being on the side of a cliff.




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