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With a safety-first attitude, Springs Aviation strives to build a community-oriented work environment—inclusive and open to all.

Our family-owned, family-operated school is an educational institution first and because we recognize and celebrate the importance of continued learning, we’re always seeking new partners to grow and learn with.

Our commitment to and passion for our community, our team and our students enables us to propel all of us to new altitudes and into new skies. We’re excited to invite new instructors, mechanics, administrators and more into our family and hope you’ll be as excited to work with us as we are with you.

If you have any questions about career opportunities, please contact us.

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Flight Instructor - CFI & CFII

A qualified CFI-I can show us they're a self-starter, skilled teacher and passionate aviator. While we prioritize those applicants who have accrued substantive dual-given time, we're most interested in those with safe flying and driving records, excellent people skills and previous experience in customer service and education industries.
Peyton, CO - Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY)
  • Perform flight, ground and simulator instruction in accordance with FAA guidelines
  • Provide customer service-oriented and professional instruction in accordance with company guidelines procedures and policies
  • Participate in instructor development and training as required
  • All other duties needed to ensure student successfully and safely pass all stage checks and FAA checkrides
  • Maintain a safe, professional attitude toward all current and future customers as well as other local pilots, co-workers and community members
  • Our CFIs are expected to dress to professional standards and expected to wear company-supplied uniforms for safety reasons
  • CFIs contracted with Springs Aviation are expected to attend regular safety meetings and currency training, as well as attend and teach evening ground school courses when necessary
  • Commercial ASEL Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • CFI Certificate
  • U.S. Citizenship or Work Authorization
  • CFI-I Certificate
  • At least 2 years instructing experience
  • 200 hours dual given

$32.00 – $37.00 per hour logged as ground or flight instruction

Springs Aviation is dedicated to providing its contract instructors with flexibility and ownership of their own schedules. We prioritize working with those contractors with wider availability and the capacity to provide instructional services on weekends.

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